1) Will your poles take heavyweight curtains?

 Yes all our poles are made from solid iron rod. With extra long poles of over 200cms we advise a centre bracket for extra support (see website)

2) How long before I receive my poles?

We normally state between 14 – 28 days from order but often it is less than this, however, urgent orders can be undertaken (See our lead-times link on the website)

3) What is the Beeswax finish and how does it work?
A solid, locally sourced, natural beeswax is applied to the heated pole. This melts and when it cools and solidifies creates a seal on the metal whilst still allowing the natural patina to show through. This is not advised for outdoor use.

4) Do your pan rails/towel rails come in different sizes other than those stated on the website?
Yes, we can offer other sizes with more hooks. We are always happy to receive a phone call to discuss your requirements.

5) How can I get the rings over the larger finials and onto the pole.

One end of the pole is made with a thread so that the finial can be unscrewed so the rings can be applied easily except for the Fish Tail Curl..

6) The area where I need to put a curtain pole is very awkward in that there is a beam at one end. I am not sure which bracket I will need to support the pole?
If you are unsure after checking the brackets on the website we will be happy to discuss your individual requirements over the phone. Feel free to call us and explain your problem area and we will work out what is the best option for you.