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Our beautiful Suffolk Coast is steeped in history and is known for its fantastic sea fishing with some of the deepest waters between Pakefield and Orford Ness. Fisherman catch large cod, bass, rays, dogfish, sole & whiting. The River Alde is also famous for its oyster beds at Orford.
It is this sea faring history that inspired the design of our Fishtail Curl Curtain pole. There is something charming about a rustic item, lovingly made by hand by a traditional blacksmith.
To make our Fishtail Curl Finial, Graham takes a section of solid iron rod and uses his knowledge of blacksmithery to cut the right length of metal. This means the finial is incorporated into the total length and is one complete piece with no joins making it strong and long lasting. The long rod of metal is then placed into the the roaring forge until the end is red hot.
The design is started off by hammering and flattening the end with the help of the power hammer. Graham then finishes the finial off by hand, manipulating the soft hot glowing metal into the shape required with the help of his hammer and anvil. The finial is then placed into a former and bent to create the curl.
Once this stage is complete the metal rod is quenched, cleaned and finished off in matt black or a natural beeswax.
Want to watch part of the process? Take a look at our video below where you can appreciate the full force of the power hammer:
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