Measuring for your curtain pole correctly
Measuring for your curtain pole correctly

Measuring for your Curtain Pole

Here is our simple measuring guide

measuring for curtain poles
Step 1

Measure the width of your window (A)

Step 2

Measure from your window frame to where you want your finial to start. This is known as the ‘drawback’ (B)

The drawback is the amount of curtain you require when the curtains are open. This is a matter of choice but please allow enough drawback to suit the thickness of your curtain material.

We normally say an average of 15 percent of your pole length (C) You will require more (20%) if your curtains are thicker or less (10%) if your curtains are lightweight.

For example, if the window width (A) is 100cm the drawback (B) is 15cm either side, the total length of your pole (C) will be 130cm.

Step 3

You will now have to choose one of our beautiful handcrafted finials. Take into account that each finial size is slightly different.

For example, the Rams Horn finial is approx 7cm in length. This will add another 14cm to the overall length of your pole.

So we have the:

  • Pole length at 100cm
  • 2 x  drawback= 30cm
  • 2 x finials = 14cm

Therefore, the overall length is 144cm. We only need to know your pole length (C) when you place an order.

Have you thought about the extras?

A pole will need securing with brackets, a curtain will need rings for hanging

Working out how many curtain rings you will need

We suggest placing 1 curtain ring every 10cm of your pole. Make sure you have the same number of rings on each curtain.

For our example window, where the overall length is 170cm, to have an even number of rings each side, you would need 18 rings.

To shop for curtain rings please click here

Do you need any hold backs?

We also offer beautifully hand crafted wrought iron hold backs to match your chosen curtain pole finial. Hold backs allow more light to enter your rooms, even on the darkest of days.

To shop for hold backs please click here

Working out which bracket will best suit your needs

For problem windows where space is restricted (i.e. a beam, a difficult corner or a nook), we have a number of brackets available which include a curtain eye retainer bracket or recess brackets.

A curtain eye retainer bracket allows you to hook the outer edge of your curtain to the bracket itself. This is perfect for tight spaces, where you may not have room for a finial.

If you are unsure of which bracket would best suit your requirements, or are after something entirely different, give us a quick phone call on 01728 746848. We are always happy to help.

To shop for brackets please click here

Which finish will you choose?

We have two finishes available which are Matt black or Natural beeswax. Please take a look at the centre brackets below which show you the difference in colour. You will be asked to choose your finish before adding your items to the basket.


Please always double-check your measurements as it is your responsibility to get them right.

Our products are made to your exact measurements and we are unable to offer refunds for orders that have been measured incorrectly by you, the customer.

If you are unsure about anything regarding your measurements please do not hesitate to contact us either by email to or telephone on 01728 746848.

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