One Mans Rubbish is another Man’s Gold

A forge full of vintage tools

People are always amazed at the amount of equipment needed to run a forge. Mind you, nothing is ever thrown away, as you never know when it might come in handy, however big or small it is. Graham and I regularly find time to visit old farm sales and we like to see if there is anything that will come in handy around our forge. I have had to tow a trailer back from Yorkshire to collect an old Colchester Lathe and a Power Hammer from Nottingham before. Some of the equipment was used as far back as WW2. What stories this old equipment could tell! It’s fantastic to see that it’s still going great guns today. 
Morrison Shelter
Grahams Morrison Shelter work bench
Blacksmith hammer collection

Grahams old work bench (pictured above) was once a Morrison Shelter used as an indoor cage during the war. It was designed to protect the occupants of the house from masonry and debris if the house was hit by a bomb. The steel top was solid and used as a table with wire mesh sides (now missing). One end was designed so you could climb inside. The shelters were given to families who earned less than £350 a year. Take a look at our pictures and you will see a huge collection of hammers – every hammer has it’s own feel. Graham says he has so many because they “just feel right in the hand”, many of them becoming his favourite to use! We also have a collection of Tongs, Swages, Flatters, Formers, Bending Dogs and so on. It’s great to know that all these vintage tools, tools that were once held in the hand of former Blacksmiths, are still being used on a daily basis by Graham. It just goes to prove that one man’s rubbish is another man’s gold!

Blacksmith tool collection
Blacksmith tool collection

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