And we now offer Pole Packages

Graham is happy he has, at long last, had the forge extended. What was once the old wood shed and chicken house has now become part of the forge, allowing him to spend even more time turning pieces of metal into beautiful curtain poles and more. Our forge chickens have a new home and have gained the company of two new Bluebell hens. These are quite large girls with plumage that is shaded grey and blue. They are a cross between a Rhode Island Red and a Marans chicken, capable of laying 260 extra large brown eggs per year (we need to have a quiet word with them as we haven’t had one yet). 
Grove Cottage Forge Extension

Image: Our new forge extension

Our new bluebell hens

Image: Our new Bluebell hens

We are about to introduce a ‘Pole Package’ option to our website. These are made from our lighter range of wrought iron hollow poles and come with a choice of four types of Finial; the Shepherd’s Crook; the Scroll; the Ball; and the new Grindstone. The package includes 2 end brackets, 2 x finials, 1 x hollow pole, the appropriate amount of rings and screws for fitting the pole and hanging curtains and an allen key. 

With Christmas just around the corner, why not take a look at our range of beautiful timeless gifts, made by a Suffolk blacksmith in a traditional Suffolk forge. 

Shepherds Crook Pole Package

Image: Shepherds Crook Finial Pole Package

The Scroll Pole Package

Image: The Scroll Finial Pole Package

The Grindstone Pole Package

Image: Grindstone Finial Pole Package

The Ball Pole Package

Image: The Ball Finial Pole Package

Want to place a custom order before the Christmas rush arrives?

Please email Graham and Vera at ggoldsmithfarrier123@gmail.com

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