The Beginnings of the Mighty Suffolk Punch
Vera was proud to be the owner of a Suffolk horse which she called Bertie. The current breed of Suffolk Punch is a local breed, so much so, that it can be traced back to a Colt foal born in 1768, owned by Thomas Crisp of Ufford, which is the next village to our Forge in Wickham Market.

Bertie the Suffolk Punch
Image: Bertie the Suffolk Punch
The barn of Thomas Crisp where the first Colt foal was born in 1768.
Image: The barn owned by Thomas Crisp in Ufford where the first Colt foal was born.
Every Suffolk horse can trace its blood line back to this one horse. A fine majestic animal bred for its good temperament and perfect stature with little feathering on the fetlocks perfect for the soil of East Anglia. This mighty horse once formed the backbone of rural life and you would be guaranteed to find one on every working farm.
Ufford in Suffolk
Image: The Ufford village sign in Suffolk which pictures the traditional Suffolk Punch horse.
Suffolk Horsemans Suit
Image: The Suffolk horseman’s suit which would be worn with pride every Sunday.
Each horseman would look after his own horse with a ‘Head Horseman’ whose job it was to oversee the overall care of the horses. He would mark his identity with a uniform for Sunday best and special occasions. This suit had an individual design and the cut, stitching, seams and buttons were all bespoke. Graham’s Grandfather and uncle were both horsemen who worked on a local farm just down the road in nearby Cretingham. The special suit would be placed in a wooden box for safe keeping during the week until worn with pride on a Sunday. We feel very proud to still own this little piece of Suffolk history. The row of buttons gave us inspiration for our Button End Curtain Pole Finial and matching hold back. The design is simple but effective, perfect to adorn the most minimalist of modern homes to the quaintest of country cottages.
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