The Magic of Christmas

Keeping the old traditions alive

I love the magic of Christmas and we love to keep the old traditions alive. You’ll find us collecting that little bit of holly from the hedgerows, always leaving plenty for the birds. We’ll be decorating our Christmas tree and cooking up our Christmas pudding, filling the house with the glorious scent of spices and brandy (we’ve always had to make a special Christmas wish when stirring all those lovely ingredients together). Plus, there are Christmas cards to be written and sent before the last post.
Christmas Pudding
Father Christmas

It’s not just in our home that we love to keep the old traditions alive, but also in the forge. You can really appreciate the magic when you see a straight piece of metal placed into a hot fire, and watch a skilled blacksmith create a piece of beauty – never to wearout. This magic remains in every single one of our items forevermore. You can see this in our iron curtain poles and kitchenware. One of our most popular items at this time of year is the Shepherd Crook curtain pole.

Magic happens in our forge
Shepherds Crook finial - a popular winter pole

From both of us here at Grove Cottage Forge, we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a peaceful new year.

Graham and Vera

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