Trinity Park
We enjoyed two brilliant days at the Suffolk Show at Trinity Park in May. A show like that really makes you proud to be from Suffolk. As we ventured through the gates, the first thing we saw was our very own Trinity; a trio of very cleverly put together statues of our Suffolk Punch Horse, the Red Poll Bull and the Suffolk Black Faced Ram. As you got closer you could see all three were made from scrap metal but from a distance they look amazingly realistic – the clever handiwork of Harriet Mead.

Suffolk Punch Horse, The Red Poll Bull and Suffolk Black faced Ram
Image: The Trinity: Suffolk Punch Horse, The Red Poll Bull and Suffolk Black faced Ram – The clever work of Harriet Mead.
As we walked around the show ground, it was a great opportunity to catch up with old friends, each of whom are so proud to show off their animals. The hard work of everyone involved with the Suffolk Show is amazing, but I have to say, I felt relieved that my days of getting horses ready for the show ring were behind me. 
Black faced Ram
Image: The Rams Horn
Suffolk Punch
Image: Best in Show at the Suffolk Punch Stallion
Unlike our very own Suffolk sheep that doesn’t have horns, we saw some magnificent specimens that did. This fantastic organic shape is what inspired us to make the Rams Horn Curtain Pole Finial which has become a very popular design in our range, especially with its matching hold backs. We finish our products in matt black or natural beeswax.

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