Plus a little history from our village of Wickham Market
The village of Wickham Market is steeped in history and was recorded in the Little Domesday Book in 1086, when it was then known as ‘Wikham’. King Henry VI, in 1440, first granted permission for a weekly market to be held in the village but these lapsed several years ago. The tradition has been revived recently with a mini market each month. We have a beautiful church with an iconic octagonal spire, a landmark which can be seen for miles around. In the recent past, Wickham Market had its own small industrial revolution with an iron and engineering works which produced steam engines, water wheels, windmills and machinery especially for corn and flour mills. The beautiful Rackhams Mill still thrives today selling animal feed, coal and much more. It has become a real hub of the community. 
Rackhams Mill Wickham Market
Image: Rackhams Mill in Wickham market
It was the mill that inspired us to introduce the ‘Grindstone Finial’ to our range (a smaller version of the squashed sphere finial and a chunkier version of the button finial). This comes with a hollow pole.  You might ask why we are now offering hollow poles?! Well, several of our customers reported that, in their modern homes, where the walls are not as substantial and strong as the majority of walls in older houses, the walls were struggling to cope with the weight of the curtain poles. Therefore, this hollow pole is designed to put less strain on the fixings. Our finials are still made in solid metal, however they are now fixed to the hollow pole on a short stem using a little grub screw and allen key. This new design of fixing is practically invisible when assembled. 

Image: The old grindstone

Wickham Markets Sign

Image: Village sign depicting industrial past

Lightweight Hollow curtain poles

Image: The new poles and allen key

Hollow curtain pole fixing

Image: Joining of the finial to the hollow pole

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